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Full Day of Church Speaking Fun

This weekend, Joni, Hannah, my mom, my dad and I drove to Shreveport, LA where we were to speak at two different churches.  We got in a great visit with Nan and Pops (my adopted grandparents), and early Sunday morning, we rose to visit our first church of the day, Church of Christ – North. 

North has a wonderfully laid back attitude, and it was wonderful to see some friends from the past.  To give you an idea of their relaxed atmosphere, the announcement maker gave a “farm report” about his cattle, to which the church responded in laughter.  I loved the casual feel of the service, and my dad and I taught Bible Class and did our All He Needs for Heaven presentation during the worship hour.  We had a wonderful time, and had a great reaction from the crowd.

We spent the afternoon having lunch with a member from North and then we drove about an hour to spend time with a relative that had just moved into the area.

An hour’s drive back to Shreveport found us at the University Church of Christ.  Many friends from our days in Bossier City (1980-1991) were there, and it felt like a family reunion of sorts.  In fact, after our presentation, we were asked if we would come back on an annual basis for a “McDoniel Reunion Day!”  I love it!  Several youth groups came as well, which made the singing that much better.  So many people came out saying what a difference we had made in their lives, and we’re so thankful the opportunity to present our story.

All in all, the weekend was wonderful.  Well, until we started the 4 hour drive back home and didn’t get to bed until 2AM.  Even if our story only touched one person, it was worth it!

Blast From The Past

This past Wednesday, my dad and I presented our story at the Airline Drive Church of Christ in Bossier City, LA.  What was special about this presentation was the fact that my dad preached at this congregation for almost 20 years, and so we had many friends there.  Airline has always been a “singing church,” and the 200 people in attendance proved that very thing.  We had a wonderful time seeing old friends and meeting new faces.  While the drive (4 hrs each way) was a bit much all in one day, the reunion with our family at Airline was well worth the trip, and we thank them for giving us the opportunity to have a blast from the past!

Jim and Chet McDoniel are touring churches telling their story, and a few dates are still left in 2008.  For more information, click here or click Booking Information, above.

Dawson Middle School – Go Dragons!

Jim and Chet McDoniel present at Dawson Middle SchoolThis morning, my dad and I were invited to speak at Dawson Middle School in Southlake, TX.  We have adapted our “All He Needs Presentation” for middle school students, and love getting to talk to a youthful audience.  We did this same presentation at Dawson last school year.  I must be honest…when I was asked to do this last year…I really had some concerns.  I mean, Jr. High was many years ago for me and even more for my dad.  How do you talk to seventh graders?

Well, let me tell you…when the seventh graders you are speaking to are “Dragons” at Dawson Middle School, you have nothing to worry about!  These students were among the most well-behaved kids I have ever been around.  They paid excellent attention and asked great questions!  My dad and I had a wonderful time speaking to them, and I hope that we were able to uplift and encourage with our presentation. 

Chet McDoniel speaks about being happy at Dawson Middle School in Southlake, TXI challenged the “Dragons” to a smile experiment.  Their mission, should they choose to accept it, is to intentionally smile all day tomorrow when someone makes eye contact with them.  I can’t wait to hear the results of how a few smiles can raise the spirits of a school!  If you are a “Dragon” that heard us this morning, please comment below on how the smile experiment goes tomorrow!

Jim and Chet McDoniel are available for school presentations like the one you read about above.  To request more information, please click on “Contact Information” at the top of the page.