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Students speaking to Chet after a college presentation

You’ve never heard anyone talk about disabilities like this.

When it comes to disabilities, we are a quiet society. Talking openly about disabilities rarely occurs. We shy away from the topic in order to spare the feelings of anyone who might be offended. At least, that’s what society tells us to do.

Not Chet.

Chet believes that the ONLY way to stop discrimination, bigotry, racism, and those plagues in society is to TALK about differences. When we talk in an open forum, we can work through any issues or obstacles in our way. We can become a world that chooses to see people instead of labels. Chet can teach your attendees/students how to look at the world through his eyes, and thus, make them more aware about how they treat others.

I’m Not Broken – How to Make People with Disabilities Feel Wonderful

Let’s face it, working with someone with a disability can become an uncomfortable experience when you aren’t ready for it. Whether it is an employer/employee relationship, a professor/student relationship, a co-worker relationship or a student relationship, Chet candidly and humorously addresses the issues of interacting with someone who has a disability. Through storytelling you will come to know what life is like for Chet, and then he’ll give you the knowledge and the confidence to approach each situation with awareness and a smile.

Chet McDoniel Speaks on Disability Awareness and Seeing Value in Others

The video below is from a disability awareness presentation.

  • It was a PLEASURE working with Chet! His presentation was very inspirational and I only heard good things from everyone who attended. And the attendance was great!


    - Ernie, Harper College
  • I simply cannot say how wonderful it has been...the students here cannot stop talking about how his message has given them so much to think about.


    - David, University of Nebraska, Kearney