If I’m Not Broken, Neither are You!

As a motivational business speaker, Chet McDoniel focuses on uplifting and encouraging attendees at corporate events by telling his story and his view on life. Everyone from the boss down to entry-level employee can benefit from a motivational business speaker & professional keynote speaker who can challenge them to overcome daily obstacles. That’s exactly what Chet McDoniel provides. Through his life’s story and his attitude, Chet will cause your attendees to examine how they view life. Chet believes that aiming for your dreams is the only way to live.

Past Clients

American Airlines


I’m Not Broken: You Don’t Need Arms to be a Success

This presentation focuses on why so many people think it is okay to sit on the sidelines and watch life go by. Chet certainly has a reason to avoid challenges and could take the easy way through life, leaning on his disability. He has never once, nor will he ever choose the easy way, and this talk challenges listeners to live their dreams by just telling themselves, “If Chet’s not broken, neither am I.”

Disability Awareness – Believing in Others

The video below is from an employment law seminar, and shows excerpts from the presentation, “I’m Not Broken: You Don’t Need Arms to be a Success.”

  • Chet’s message was both motivating and inspiring, and was a highlight of the Summit.  I want to personally thank Chet on behalf of the Global Diversity and Employee Rights team and all of the participants at the 2011 Summit. Chet’s message was a great example of how people should view life….you can always make the best out of any situation. Take your problems or issues and turn them into opportunities for a happier life. We were delighted that Chet had the opportunity to share his inspirational message with us.


    - Joyce Tucker, Vice President of Global Diversity and Employee Rights
  • Thanks again to you; you are wonderful, and I am hearing very good reports from our group.


    - American Airlines, Staff Asst. Reservation Office

  • Overall - he was amazing - It’s the little things in life that pass us by and Chet helps you realize that we choose to have a good attitude and make the most of our lives - It is an unbelievable feeling that you have with his presence is in your eyes, his voice entering your ears, and then his character enters your heart. Chet is an inspiration to everyone.


    - Tom DeHaven, Minnwest Bank