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Chet and Jim McDoniel Preaching Together

You don’t need arms to be a Christian.

Chet McDoniel started as a Church Speaker and Christian Youth Speaker in early 2007 when Chet’s dad, Jim, wrote a book about Chet’s life. Since then, Chet and Jim have been able to tell this story in front of tens of thousands of people. They use humor and stories about Chet’s life in order to make their point that God can use you no matter what you look like. Chet firmly believes that God does not cause bad things to happen to people. Chet does not blame God for his disability, but rather, has let God use what could have been a tragedy to show His glory. Explore with Chet as you learn more about God, and are offered a different look at what being a follower of Christ means.

All He Needs for Heaven

This presentation is Chet’s favorite to give as a Church Speaker and Christian Youth Speaker. It involves his father, Dr. Jim McDoniel joining him for a special look into the life of a family with a handicapped child. Dr. Jim McDoniel begins the presentation by telling the sad tale of the events of Chet’s birth, and throughout the presentation, the McDoniels tell stories and give life lessons that will inspire you to live life to the fullest. This presentation is based on a book that Chet and his dad wrote, which is about to be printed in its 2nd edition. Your youth group/church members WILL BE BLESSED by this presentation.

All He Needs for Heaven

The video below is several clips of Chet at religious presentations.

  • We had a wonderful and powerful experience with Chet McDoniel. You will find that Chet brings the perfect combination of humor, humility, insight and inspiration to allow your people to either reflect on their own place in the kingdom of God or to be drawn to Jesus. You will not want to miss the chance to have Chet share at your Church.


    - Dr. Marc Maffucci, Senior Pastor, Quail Lakes Baptist Church, Stockton, CA
  • Chet McDoniel is a man of God with a message from God that will bless and inspire the people of God. Chet brings a word of hope, conviction, and possibility that only a strong faith and real walk could produce. I have been blessed every time I've hear him. You will be, too!


    - Rick Atchley, Minister of the Word, The Hills Church of Christ