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Pro-Life Speaker

Every Life is Worth It!

Read Pro-Life Speaker – Chet McDoniel’s testimony:

Hannah and Daddy, Pro-Life Speaker, Chet McDoniel
Chet and his daughter, Hannah

A “Walking Case Study for Pro-Life”…that’s how I have referred to myself sometimes. Of all the social and political issues, being a Pro-Life Speaker is something that hits close to home for me. My parents tell me that immediately after my birth, I was placed in a corner of the room after having the customary post-birth suction, etc, done. I was left alone in that corner and for lack of a better way to put it, I was “given a chance to die.” Now, that was 31 years ago, but the fact remains that a doctor made the decision that my life may not be worth living. That doctor decided that if my body was as “mangled” on the inside as it was on the outside, I would be better off dead. Having lived a wonderful life including getting married, getting pregnant and seeing the birth of my baby girl, running two businesses, and most importantly, serving my God, I wonder what that same doctor would think now. We cannot use our own judgement in matters where only God should reign.

Chet’s story has been heard by tens of thousands, and each time, lives have been changed. Chet is an expert at conveying your message at fundraising banquets, and has consistently beaten financial goals by sharing his passion and zest for life.

Not Perfect…But Worth It

This presentation explores the value of life and why being a Pro-Life Speaker is so important to Chet. After nearly dying at birth, Chet was given the normal suction and attention that most newborns get, and then he was laid in a crib in the corner of the room and “given an opportunity to prove he had the moxie to live.” Chet believes every life is important, and will inspire your attendees to rekindle their belief in the value of life. Chet may also be give this presentation alongside his dad, Jim, which allows for a unique tag-team approach to their story.
Chet McDoniel – Pro-Life Speaker Promo Video

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