Dawson Middle School – Go Dragons!

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Jim and Chet McDoniel present at Dawson Middle SchoolThis morning, my dad and I were invited to speak at Dawson Middle School in Southlake, TX.  We have adapted our “All He Needs Presentation” for middle school students, and love getting to talk to a youthful audience.  We did this same presentation at Dawson last school year.  I must be honest…when I was asked to do this last year…I really had some concerns.  I mean, Jr. High was many years ago for me and even more for my dad.  How do you talk to seventh graders?

Well, let me tell you…when the seventh graders you are speaking to are “Dragons” at Dawson Middle School, you have nothing to worry about!  These students were among the most well-behaved kids I have ever been around.  They paid excellent attention and asked great questions!  My dad and I had a wonderful time speaking to them, and I hope that we were able to uplift and encourage with our presentation. 

Chet McDoniel speaks about being happy at Dawson Middle School in Southlake, TXI challenged the “Dragons” to a smile experiment.  Their mission, should they choose to accept it, is to intentionally smile all day tomorrow when someone makes eye contact with them.  I can’t wait to hear the results of how a few smiles can raise the spirits of a school!  If you are a “Dragon” that heard us this morning, please comment below on how the smile experiment goes tomorrow!

Jim and Chet McDoniel are available for school presentations like the one you read about above.  To request more information, please click on “Contact Information” at the top of the page.

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GG!! says:

hey chet.
you were so inspirational when you came to our school.
i learned a lot from you and your dad.
thanks for coming :]

Kennedy Nyhoff says:

hey chet ! U sing great! I learned alot! Bye!

Preston Lejeune says:

about half of the students did the smiling thing i did it for a while but when the teachers said it for the 1,000time i got really annoyed and stopped but that was at almost the end of the day

Judy McDoniel says:

Words cannot express my pride. You are my inspiration.

Preston LeJeune says:

hey chet i had a good time when u came 2day. I’m just getting on ur website to get a picture for the front of my acorn poeple packet, so i decided to leave a comment

Bob Johnson says:

You were great today, Chet! I really learned alot from you and your dad! Thanks!