And So It Begins…

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This week begins the first of several busy weeks with multiple speaking opportunities, and we are very thankful for all of those who are bringing us in to share our story.  My dad and I got to speak at the Prestoncrest Church of Christ in Dallas this past Sunday night, and we had a blast.  We saw many people who we knew from times past, and met many new faces.  I think my favorite part of getting to speak is getting the chance to meet so many people after we finish.  To hear of others’ struggles and triumphs is very encouraging.  

I would usually post a picture of us speaking, but this one was way too cute to pass up.  This is my daughter, Hannah, who just turned one year old.  She was having tons of fun during sound check being up on the big stage with us!


Video – Chocoholicfest 2009 – Letting God Show His Strengths Through Our Weaknesses

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On February 11, 2009, I spoke to over 150 tweens and teens at the Chocoholic Fest at the Alpine Church of Christ in Longview, TX.  They were a wonderful group, and despite having eaten as much chocolate as they could handle, they were very attentive.  As the festival is near Valentine’s Day every year, my topic was “Love God, Love Others.”  I truly believe that once we learn the good nature of God, and we act on that knowledge by serving others, only then can we truly learn to love everyone around us.  Here is a clip from the evening about how our happiness can only come when we let go of our worries and trust God to use us in His service.  (The passage in the video is from John 9 in The Message.)

Here are some pictures from the event:

Video Clip from RHCC on Choosing Happiness and Showing Jesus

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Here is a video clip from Wednesday, December 17th, 2008, at Richland Hills Church of Christ.  This is how I close my presentations, and I hope you enjoy my take on choosing happiness and showing Jesus to the world.

Nothing Like Speaking at Home

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Last night, I had the pleasure of speaking to the 24/7 High School Youth Group at my home congregation, Richland Hills Church of Christ.  Not only was I asked to speak, but I got to have my dad with me for our “All He Needs for Heaven” presentation, and I was given the opportunity to lead worship as well.  The evening was a blast, and the students were so encouraging to worship with and to get to talk to.  With their hands in the air, they praised at the top of their lungs, and I could tell that their joy was coming from deep within their souls.  It was a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere, and the group’s passion for living a God-filled life was evident all around us.  

It felt great to “be at home.”  Joni, Hannah, and I attend Richland Hills, and speaking there always feels so right since we’re very literally talking to our family.  Last night had a first for me, too, as I got to lead instrumental worship.  I had a blast, and the band was wonderful to work with.  I love that we can celebrate and worship our God in so many different ways, and I look forward to a lifetime of praising God in whatever way I can.

Marathon Weekend

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This past weekend, my dad and I hit the road on Saturday to travel first to West Monroe, LA.  We spoke on Sunday morning to the White’s Ferry Rd Church of Christ.  The worship service was amazing.  What a joyous people!  I could feel the joy from the moment we walked in, throughout the worship service (which I had the privilege to lead), and all the way until we left.  I really enjoyed working with their praise team, and we heard from so many afterwards about how much they enjoyed our presentation.

On Sunday evening, we headed to Vicksburg, MS, to speak to the Bypass Church of Christ.  This church has a very unique history as it is a merger between a predominantly white Church of Christ and a predominantly black Church of Christ.  I truly admire them as they have learned to put diversity aside and worship God side-by-side.  They are reaching the lost, and we had a great time presenting our story as they were a very enthusiastic audience.

After two presentations on Sunday, we drove to Jackson, MS, for a Monday morning keynote to kick off the annual Mississippi Head Start Association meeting.  We got to present to over 200 difference-makers who work with and inspire children, ages 0-5, every day.  They work with children with all different kinds of needs to prepare them for elementary school.  I really admire their work, and felt it a privilege to “inspire those who inspire.”  Even at 8:30AM, they were a GREAT crowd, and they clapped so loud while I was singing, “Standing Outside the Fire” that I thought the roof was going to lift right off the building.

The weekend was truly inspiring and motivational, but not just for those who heard us…my dad and I came away uplifted, and we have great admiration for all three groups and the work they are doing.

Now…it is time for a vacation.  Joni, Hannah and I leave tomorrow for Disney World…a welcomed break!

Full Day of Church Speaking Fun

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This weekend, Joni, Hannah, my mom, my dad and I drove to Shreveport, LA where we were to speak at two different churches.  We got in a great visit with Nan and Pops (my adopted grandparents), and early Sunday morning, we rose to visit our first church of the day, Church of Christ – North. 

North has a wonderfully laid back attitude, and it was wonderful to see some friends from the past.  To give you an idea of their relaxed atmosphere, the announcement maker gave a “farm report” about his cattle, to which the church responded in laughter.  I loved the casual feel of the service, and my dad and I taught Bible Class and did our All He Needs for Heaven presentation during the worship hour.  We had a wonderful time, and had a great reaction from the crowd.

We spent the afternoon having lunch with a member from North and then we drove about an hour to spend time with a relative that had just moved into the area.

An hour’s drive back to Shreveport found us at the University Church of Christ.  Many friends from our days in Bossier City (1980-1991) were there, and it felt like a family reunion of sorts.  In fact, after our presentation, we were asked if we would come back on an annual basis for a “McDoniel Reunion Day!”  I love it!  Several youth groups came as well, which made the singing that much better.  So many people came out saying what a difference we had made in their lives, and we’re so thankful the opportunity to present our story.

All in all, the weekend was wonderful.  Well, until we started the 4 hour drive back home and didn’t get to bed until 2AM.  Even if our story only touched one person, it was worth it!

Blindness – Teenage Christian Conference 2008

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This past weekend, I was given the opportunity to lead worship for several hundred teenagers at the Teenage Christian Conference in Albuquerque, NM.  First off, leading worship for teenagers is just about the best experience one can have, IMO.  Teens are uninhibited, and on fire for the Lord.  We have much to learn from them, as all weekend, they praised with their entire heart and soul.  And, when you consider that we were without A/C for part of the weekend (hence the fan next to me in the picture), worshipping with conviction did not come without challenges. 

Leading worship for Jeff Walling is always a treat, and he and I got to spend some time together catching up.  Jeff has a powerful way of speaking God’s word.  He can have the room rocking with laughter, and then, within seconds, have the entire group in tears with the way our lives need to change.  Jeff interviewed me during one of the sessions in order to teach how we should see Jesus when we see people who look different than we do.  God used Jeff this weekend to bring many back into a relationship with God, and several teens were baptised as well. 

Joni and I also got to meet Rusty Tugman from Norman, OK.  Rusty concluded our weekend with 2 very powerful messages with calls to evangelise.  Rusty and I hit it off very well, and we found out that he and his family will be in Walt Disney World at the same time as Joni, Hannah and I will be.  We already have plans to meet up so that we can meet the rest of his family and share some time together.

Lance and Tim at the Montgomery Church of Christ in Albuquerque, NM are to be praised for their hard work in setting up and running this wonderful weekend.  Lance’s passion for teens could really be seen this weekend as he poured himself out for these kids.  I really enjoyed working with Montgomery’s praise team, and they were a joy to get to know as well.

This weekend was an absolute joy…well…except for the looooong car ride.  Oh well, if you ask me, the car ride, lack of A/C, and constantly being on the go this weekend were all worth it to see those teens praise, and to witness 10+ teens put on Christ in baptism.  I pray that the Lord continue to use TCC in a powerful way!

Two for One Special

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Chet and Jim McDoniel speak at Altamesa Church of ChristYesterday was a first for All He Needs Ministries.  My dad and I spoke at two different churches on the same day, and I led worship both times.  Our first stop was at the Altamesa Church of Christ.  We have spoken here before on a Wednesday night, and were asked to return and give our presentation for the entire church on a Sunday morning.  We really enjoyed being back, and I greatly enjoyed leading worship with their praise team.  My sister and her family attend here, and we loved getting to be with them as well.

Our evening presentation was at the Burleson Church of Christ.  Their auditorium reminded us very much of a church we had previously attended, so we felt right at home.  The presentation went well, and the teenagers sang enthusiastically, which makes leading worship a true joy.

Speaking of teenagers, I have been invited to lead worship for over 700 teenagers this weekend at the Teenage Christian Conference in Albuquerque, NM.  We are driving over and visiting some grandparents on the way.  I will be leading worship, and Jeff Walling will be speaking.  Now, I love getting to lead worship, but when you throw in lots of teens and Jeff Walling…well, let’s just say I’m super excited about this weekend.  I’ll post plenty of pics and a report when we return next week.  I’ll also be updating the All He Needs site in the next few weeks and blogging about a new campaign called “Contagious Smile.”  Until then…

Blast From The Past

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This past Wednesday, my dad and I presented our story at the Airline Drive Church of Christ in Bossier City, LA.  What was special about this presentation was the fact that my dad preached at this congregation for almost 20 years, and so we had many friends there.  Airline has always been a “singing church,” and the 200 people in attendance proved that very thing.  We had a wonderful time seeing old friends and meeting new faces.  While the drive (4 hrs each way) was a bit much all in one day, the reunion with our family at Airline was well worth the trip, and we thank them for giving us the opportunity to have a blast from the past!

Jim and Chet McDoniel are touring churches telling their story, and a few dates are still left in 2008.  For more information, click here or click Booking Information, above.

Family Time

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Chet leading worship with (from left to right) Ben Wall, Jessica McDoniel and Randy McDonielMy dad and I had the wonderful opportunity to share our story at the New Life Church in Odessa, TX this past Sunday.  My brother and his family attend here, and I got to lead their praise team which my brother and niece both sing on.  We had a great weekend watching my niece graduate from High School and spending time with family.  The weekend was capped off by a powerful worship service.  In the picture above, I am leading with Ben Wall (far left) and my niece and brother (on the right).

The New Life Church is full of life and energy and their excitement could easily be seen in their passionate worship. One special moment of the service that morning was when my whole family was able to gather around a small communion table and share communion together. What a powerful experience!

After Sunday morning, Joni, Hannah and I drove to Lubbock to visit with relatives on Joni’s side of the family.  We even got a 5 generation picture from Hannah all the way up to Hannah’s Great-Great Grandmother.  Truly a “once-in-a-lifetime” picture that will be a wonderful keepsake.  After stopping in Abilene on the way home to visit more relatives, we finally made it back to DFW Tuesday morning.  You can see more pictures of that portion of the trip on our family blog, McDoniel Family.

We’re all still tired, but we had a wonderful weekend, and we were given yet another chance to tell our story. 

Want Jim and Chet McDoniel to come to your church?  Click “Booking Information” above to get learn more.