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Video – Chocoholicfest 2009 – Letting God Show His Strengths Through Our Weaknesses

On February 11, 2009, I spoke to over 150 tweens and teens at the Chocoholic Fest at the Alpine Church of Christ in Longview, TX.  They were a wonderful group, and despite having eaten as much chocolate as they could handle, they were very attentive.  As the festival is near Valentine’s Day every year, my topic was “Love God, Love Others.”  I truly believe that once we learn the good nature of God, and we act on that knowledge by serving others, only then can we truly learn to love everyone around us.  Here is a clip from the evening about how our happiness can only come when we let go of our worries and trust God to use us in His service.  (The passage in the video is from John 9 in The Message.)


Here are some pictures from the event: