Last night was truly a highlight of my journey in God’s grace and guidance.  God has opened more doors and paths for this ministry than I ever asked or imagined.  This most recent opportunity was an absolute blast as I got to be a guest on Life Today with James and Betty Robison.  James’ story is featured on The Gift of Life film on which my story appears, also.

Pro Life Speaker, Chet McDoniel, in the makeup room at Life TodayThe night started off with a welcome and ushering into the green room which had snacks, comfy couches, and a TV.  I could feel my head swell when the announcement was made, “Mr. McDoniel, we need you in makeup.”  Now, that’s not my favorite thing to have done to me, but I was enjoying the attention and the VIP treatment.

Soon, we were invited to join in a private dinner with the Robison’s. It was at this meal that I learned what an amazing man James Robison truly is.  As he spoke to us of his goals and convictions, I couldn’t help but be humbled.  Here I was thinking how important I was…after all, I was going to be on a world-wide syndicated television show.  James’ mission and faith was so inspiring that I quickly realized…I’m not the big shot…God is the big shot.

We filmed the show and it was an absolute blast.  James and Betty are wonderful hosts, and they allowed us to share part of our story in hopes that more people would be reached for Christ.  The 18 minute interview flew by, and soon, we were saying our farewell to the audience. I can’t wait to see the show when it airs sometime in May.  Randy Robison (James’ son) interviewed me later in the evening for the Life Today website and social media outlets.

Inspirational Speaker, Chet McDoniel, was a guest on Life Today with James and Betty RobisonAs we drove away from the studio, I was reminded of God’s infinite wisdom and grace.  I’ll be the first to tell you that I never wanted to be an inspirational speaker, and never saw myself a champion of the right to life for the unborn as a pro life speaker.  I felt the calling, but ignored God for years.  Once I relented and agreed to let God lead, my life has never been the same.  I am committed to always remember that this journey is not about me

It’s about God.  (Though, I am thankful to not have to wear makeup every day…how do you ladies do it?)