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Our Books Now Available in Kindle Editions

We are thrilled to share with you that we have decided to move beyond the stone age and offer our two books, “All He Needs for Heaven” and “I’m Not Broken: You Don’t Need Arms to Be Happy” in digital format for your Kindle (as well as your iPhone or iPad with a Kindle reader) through Amazon.com! To celebrate our ‘coming of age’ with these new digital releases, between now and March 13th you can purchase each book for your Kindle for techy low price of $5.99 per book! While we hope you enjoy reading our books in this new format, more importantly, we hope our ministry challenges and encourages you to live a happy, productive life!

Click here to purchase I’m Not Broken in Kindle Format.

Click here to purchase All He Needs for Heaven in Kindle Format.

(Both links will take you to Amazon.com.)