This past week was an absolute blast!  I am still on Cloud 9, and doubt I’ll be coming down any time soon.  Wednesday night, my dad and I gave our “All He Needs for Heaven” presentation to the Alameda Church of Christ in Norman, OK.  My good friends the Tugmans were there, and the evening was a great kick-off to our Oklahoma-Arkansas Mini Tour. 

Thursday night, I got to sing with the Memorial Road Church of Christ Praise Team at the Tulsa Soul Winning Workshop.  Now, I love to sing, but what an experience…singing for thousands.  The song we sang that night is called “Heal Me” and it focuses on asking God for spiritual healing.  Our dry spirits can really drag us down, and I firmly believe in praying for renewal.  Here is the video from that night:


The Workshop was a blast, and we even got 6-8″ of snow.  That was crazy!  

After the Tulsa Workshop, we drove on over to Rogers, Arkansas, where we gave our presentation to two churches, Grace Harbor Church and Bentonville Church of Christ.  While both times were wonderful, Sunday morning was a special treat for me as we spoke where several long-time friends attend.  Several of these friends are members of a singing group called “Free Indeed.”  I’ve known them for years, now, and love to sing with them.  All my friends from “Free Indeed” were able to come that morning, and together, we sang “Call on Jesus” which is an amazing song acknowledging that true strength comes from Jesus.  Here is the video from that song:


So, as you can tell, I had the time of my life this weekend getting to praise God in so many different places.  We have a couple weeks off, now, and then we gear up again for a trip to Tennessee.  Maybe I’ll come down from Cloud 9 by then…nah!