My wife and I just found out that our first baby will be arriving this Thursday.  We are so excited, and it seems that 9 months has flown by.  (Well…maybe not “flown by” for Joni…but for me it has!)  I plan to blog some about my adventures as a handicapped parent.  I believe I can give my new daughter a great life and that while their may be physical obstacles to overcome, nothing will prevent me from loving and caring for “Hannah.”  Life will soon be different…and I can’t wait.

Hannah's NurseryOne item I did want to mention is that Joni found a crib for Hannah that has a door at the short end which I can open by pressing two buttons.  The crib is advertised as a way to quickly and easily change the sheets, but for us it is a way that I can get Hannah out of her crib in case of an emergency…or whenever I need to do so.  The peace of mind that I have knowing that I can get her if needed is a welcome relief to a big concern I had.  You can find more about the crib here.  The picture to the left is of Hannah’s nursery.

When I post again, I’ll be a father.  Wow.