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Over the past few months, Joni and I have felt the Lord’s calling to tell my story to any and all who will listen. In order to do that best, I have resigned my position as worship minister from Plymouth Park Church of Christ. We feel that this ministry is so important, we must pursue it at all costs…even giving up something we love. We’ll be back to Plymouth Park whenever we can, and whenever asked to come back as a guest worship leader. We love our Plymouth Park family, and thank them for the kindness they’ve shown to us during this transition.

We’ll be in Odessa, TX this weekend for my niece’s HS graduation and to give our “All He Needs” presentation on Sunday morning at the New Life Church. It will be a busy weekend as we’ll then head on to Lubbock to visit Joni’s family. We are excited about this weekend, and every opportunity the Lord gives us to tell our story!

Raise the Roof with Praise

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Inspirational speakers, Chet and Jim McDoniel, speak at Saturn Rd Church of ChristAbout a week and a half ago, my dad and I got a chance to present our story to the Saturn Road Church of Christ in Garland, TX.  I had heard of this church and the rumor was that they are a “singing church.”  I can completely confirm the rumor.  I got a chance to lead the congregation in worship, and they truly sing with all of their hearts.  I have never seen so many smiling faces during worship.  Saturn Road is to be commended for their love of praise, and I would be glad to lead them in worship any time!

Would you like Chet and Jim McDoniel to present their story at your church?  Click here to request more information!