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Pro-Life Testimonials

Choices – Pittsburgh

The banquet was beautiful. Our attendance was up 25% and so was our giving. We brought in DOUBLE the amount in donations compared to last year’s banquet. I think our little town fell in love with Chet and Jim.


– Diane Caddell, Executive Director, Caring Pregnancy Center of Estes Valley


Chet, and his dad were great. Wonderful people. Everyone loved it. And I loved Chet’s singing voice. We have had wonderful feedback from their “All He Needs” presentation. It was a pleasure to meet them and have them with us.


– Tulare-Kings Right to Life, Executive Director


Chet did such an amazing job! He and his dad were a great team and we received so much possitive feedback about the wonderful job they did. He did a great job setting our MC up for the ask. His prayer as he closed really set the “mood” and opened people’s hearts to give. He raised WELL over our financial goal!!! We’d recommend Chet and Jim to anyone.


– Dana Hudson, Executive Director, Heartbeat of Fremont