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Chet’s message was both motivating and inspiring, and was a highlight of the Summit.  I want to personally thank Chet on behalf of the Global Diversity and Employee Rights team and all of the participants at the 2011 Summit. Chet’s message was a great example of how people should view life….you can always make the best out of any situation. Take your problems or issues and turn them into opportunities for a happier life. We were delighted that Chet had the opportunity to share his inspirational message with us.


– Joyce Tucker, Vice President of Global Diversity and Employee Rights

Minnwest Bank

Overall – he was amazing – It’s the little things in life that pass us by and Chet helps you realize that we choose to have a good attitude and make the most of our lives – It is an unbelievable feeling that you have with his presence is in your eyes, his voice entering your ears, and then his character enters your heart. Chet is an inspiration to everyone.


– Tom DeHaven, Minnwest Bank