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Pro-Life Speaker – Chet McDoniel 

Chet McDoniel is an inspirational pro life speaker from the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area with a message of hope, happiness and a full life. Chet was born with no arms, however, his disability has never gotten in the way of Chet achieving his dreams. As an inspirational speaker, Chet has inspired thousands to get past the barriers in their lives, and to have a positive attitude no matter what comes their way. From his unique perspective, inspirational speaker Chet McDoniel offers insight on how to deal with challenges in life whether they are big or small.

Chet strongly believes in the value of life.  As a pro life speaker, Chet will encourage and challenge your attendees to understand the true potential of life no matter what shape or size it comes in.  His parents chose life for him, and though it looks different than most, Chet wouldn’t switch places with anyone else.  He is an excellent fundraiser and can take your banquet’s financial result to new heights.  His ability to tug at attendees’ heartstrings is unmatched.  Who has more authority to speak on the topic of pro life than someone who wouldn’t survive the first sonogram in today’s world.  Click here to learn more about Chet as a pro life speaker.

We encourage you to read more about Chet McDoniel – Inspirational Pro Life Speaker by looking around our site.  If you are interested in bringing Chet in to speak at your event, we invite you to click here or choose “Contact Information” from the menu above.  Thanks for visiting, and don’t forget to smile!